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No regular Tango this year due to global situation. Exeptional gaming - anything goes.

Battle map will be provided soon.

NATO/SWEFORCE/EFAF                                                            SPECIAL FORCES Level 5
* Keep uniform regulations.                                                        * Keep uniform regulations.
* Any vehicles allowed in any fraction at any time.                   * Without SSMG control. 
* Everyone musters at one location for battle.                               Self operating teams.
   East and west separated                                                            * Intel gathering operations

Scenario details Tango Operators Pro IV

Yr: 2022

CTE: Current Time Events


This is what happened 2016. This lays the future for the upcoming conflict.





NATO pulls out!


Due to heavy losses the United States have announced their immediate withdrawal from the Op Tango conflict zone. This sparked a tidal wave of other NATO countries announcing their withdrawal from the conflict. Norway announced the withdrawal of all conventional troops, but did not specify in regards to so called special forces.

The United Kingdom however announced plans to increase their support in hopes of getting Sweden to join their new free trade and mutual defense initiative after Brexit.


The units the British have announced sending are:

The Royal Green jackets (level3-4)

The Parachute Regiment (mil.ex. 1)

The Special Air Service (mil.ex 2)



Are now operating freely behind enemy lines. Completing more than 90% of their missions. Resistance is moderate and manageable for this fraction at the current time. EFAF troops are keeping the lid on, increasing the pressure point for all other operating troops.



A great part of the high success rate is due to assistance from specialized (Spetsnaz) troops taking on recon missions and embedding intelligence for EFAF troops. This made it difficult for opposing troops to reorganize. Constant surveillance on NATO troops pushed them in to a second hand position at all time not giving NATO any breathing room to operate.



A large organization with lots of leadership possibilities. Unfortunately the state of leadership possibilities fell bind due to a large amount of fire fights that had to be dealt with in first hand. The organization fell apart in to smaller fractions performing defensive warfare on team level. The final blow came politically with the new election overseas and its new president. Nato´s role changed from a worldwide org. to be seen as an unnecessary fund consuming machine. Therefore remaining troops were evacuated from the Tango conflict leaving Sweden to its destiny with its own troops.



NATO relied on SF backup and surveillance. Forces were making their way in to the conflict zone. Unfortunately they never made it to the region. Difficulties were encountered along the insertion process which made their entry impossible. No contact was established between the Special Forces units and the NATO platoon commander. SF units whereabouts is still unknown at the current moment, although they are believed to be out there.


Is now playing a larger and more important part than ever. Regular ranger teams are operating in the area trying to establish contact and build a military structure. Assistance is expected from the United Kingdom. Swedish forces have succeeded with their recon operations and demolition jobs overall by operating in small and undetected units. Their overall success rate is high. The back draw has been an overwhelming task, which forced them in to operate more carefully against a larger enemy.


Is back to join the conflict. After several years since their last defeat and several attempts to reorganize, they have now finally succeeded. How their part will affect the conflict at this stage and what aspects it will play out remains to be seen. But for sure to notice from the past, this is a dangerous and unpredictable fraction that quickly can grown in numbers.


NATO is out, the UK troops and Swedish troops take over the show operating in DPM and M90 camo, Reorganizing for a European coalition. All this while successful EFAF/Spetsnaz troops are operating.



Places to avoid:
Tillingeberg, Persmåla, Ryningsnäs, Kvarntorpet, Road 34/47 (the blue road on map) passing through the game area.
See map:

Road 34/47 instructions
This is the road that´s crossing through the game area. Activity within a 100m of this road is prohibited. You are advised not to cross this road on foot. The midsection is equipped with wires. Cars are driving fast and you risk getting fatally injured crossing it with heavy equipment etc. If you have to cross it, find an intersection. Se here: http://kartor.eniro.se/m/Ls1Yx


Final information before game start.

Here are the topics for this information letter:

-Time and dates


-International participants

-Check In brief text

-Instructions for check in

-Vehicle parking

-Gas, markets, restaurants

-Briefing and Debriefing

-Medical service

-Battery charging


-SSMG Service phone


-Fraction Leaders

-SSMG informs

Time and Dates

Level 5 Mil.Ex. game start: Thursday 22:00
Level 1-4 Mil.Sim. game start Thursday 22:00
Game stop: Sunday 0700


For a quicker settlement on site, it is preferred that the game fee is pre-paid.

Those of you who pay cash on location should have an even amount (1600 SEK). SSMG has no exchange possibility.

Card and paypal payments are the slowest way to settle it on site.

Note! If you are not able to settle the game fee in any way before game start you will be dismissed from the area. No exceptions. This in consideration to the game host and those players who are prompt with payments to make what we do possible.

International participants

We have rooms, toilettes, shower, fridge, electricity, microwaves to offer you for free at the SSMG residence.
For more info on your early arrival please contact SSMG on the service phone by calling, texting or emailing in advance. We need to know how many and when you are coming in advance.
Contact info SSMG here:


Check in brief text
Official check in starts at 18:00 on Thursday for Tango, but you can show up earlier if you like. Come to the SSMG Residence. Here: http://kartor.eniro.se/m/Lmz78

Instructions for checking in.
Location check in: Here: https://kartor.eniro.se/m/KgOhm

Time 18:00

Don’t go to the game area before you have checked in. Everyone has to check in!
Check in starts from 18:00 all fractions. If we are not there, call us and wait.
Show ID and deliver game fee if it hasn’t been taken care of. We will arrange so that you will be able to make card payments on site as well, but even cash is preferred in case there is a system crash.

Vehicle parking
At the SSMG house:

Park in front of the Church, do not drive up to the house. Or at designated area.

Game area parking:
You are permitted to park anywhere within the game area as long as your vehicle is not in the way for anyone or any traffic.
Write (a well seen) the vehicle owners name and phone number on a paper and put it in the windscreen in case someone has to contact you.

Gas, Markets, restaurants

Are found in Mörlunda, Bockara, Målilla

Briefing and Debriefing
- SSMG talks and questions after check in around 20:00
- Briefing at game start in your own base by your platoon leader. Mission papers are handed out to one or two people in your fraction.
- Debriefing by SSMG right after game stop Here:

Medical Service
Sorry, we can’t provide any surgery, amputations only. ;)
Scratches, cuts, blisters etc goes. If you’re not feeling well and you want to go off game for a while. Talk to us.

Battery charging

You can charge your batt. at the SSMG villa. Talk to us first.


SSMGs channel during the whole game is VHF 161 000.

SSMG Service phone
+46 (0)737 247302


We will have some maps to hand out at check in, but not for everyone.

Fraction Leaders
Company command All fractions: SSMG
Platoon leaders: If there are none at game start, we will point out one for you. It is always the chosen fraction leader that has the mission papers.

SSMG informs

SSMG has no chance to determine your level of outdoor and game experience. So therefore we would like to provide you with some basic information.

Here are some basic recommendations for the event:

Sleep - We know that many of you are pushing hours to the limit during events including us. This concept will most likely not hold at a Thursday – Sunday event without any sleep. No sleeping during this event will most likely result in you not lasting until Sunday morning. To maintain a good level of endurance we recommend you to sleep while you can.

Use tactical sleeping - Sleeping 5-10min is better than not sleeping at all. You do not need to sleep a whole night through as you normally do in your "civilian life". By sleeping randomly, whenever you get the chance, you can gather pretty much of your resting time during a 24h period when your operation lets you.

A good general rule to last longer periods outdoors is: Don’t stand if you can sit, don’t sit if you can lie down, don’t be awake if you can sleep.

Eat and Drink– If you do not match your intake of energy with your consumption you will most likely lose your ability to function properly. Always try to eat before you go on a mission and always drink water. Don’t forget to bring water with you.
Lack of water and food will lower your performance and make you feel even more tired. Try to stay away from sugar and caffeine. Both will lower your performance in the long run. Aim for a protein and fat rich diet instead. This will also keep you satisfied better and have you performing longer on your missions.

Hygiene – Very important for your moral and well being. Also a very good way of staying healthy and avoiding infections. Keep your hands away from your mouth and nose. Picking your nose with dirty hands is not a good alternative to stay healthy since you’re most likely pushing up bacteria inside your head where you have mucous membranes. Lots of lakes and water in the area. Use it every day. But only special outdoor soap/shampoo that you can find at your local outdoor store.

Schedule – Follow the platoon schedule and always use your time to what it is meant for. Don’t use up other peoples time. Always do what you are told, because if you don’t other people will suffer for it. If you are scheduled to be on a mission or an outpost then be there. In a platoon everyone is depending on everyone doing their job.

Communication and Consideration – Check, Ask, Adapt
Put others needs first and your needs will be put first. Anything is just as strong as its weakest link. Help each other to produce memorable experiences. Never leave anyone behind. Remember, bad attitude is contagious, as well as good and positive attitude. Never end the game in your head in advance. That´s equal to quitting. Remember; Your hardest day was yesterday.

Leaders– Make sure that your leaders can rest, so that they can make good decisions. An overworked team leader or platoon leader is not to anyone’s use. Always listen to your leaders, they have an important role. Give them the chance to lead.

Use proper boots and pack everything in plastic bags before you pack it in your backpack. If your stuff gets wet on day one, you will have a very difficult game ahead of you. Always prepare your equipment for the worst imaginable weather and you will most likely be fine.

Yes we do!
Walking still has the highest survival rate in ground combat and is the preferred way out there by many operators. Always be prepared to walk and take only as much with you as you can carry.

Always think of physical activities as good extra training.

Your Comfort Zone
The first thing that will happen to you is; that you will be dragged out of your comfort zone. You need to figure out before you arrive what your limits are. You will not have time for that in-game. Find out how you react to all the above mentioned topics... bad weather, sleep deprivation, low energy in take, high performance etc. Because no one in your immediate vicinity is interested in finding out what you are not capable of the hard way. We all have boundaries, it´s just a matter of how and when we break.

A good guide line is; If your moral is low, always stick to those who are the best at keeping a good and high moral. Because you have nothing to benefit from a person at the same or lower moral than you.

All points above combined can make things very difficult for you out there, so don’t let things get to you. If you don’t have field experience, talk to those who have. The above mentioned are basics for everyone of us to help maintain a good game level and making it memorable. Because the truth is that no one benefits from you falling out. Not SSMG, your team nor platoon or the enemy for that matter. So stay sharp!

Never forget that it is only your weapon that is unreal. Everything else such as weather, distance, hunger, pain, cold, heat, sleep deprivation etc, etc is the same, no matter if it’s a game conflict or a real one.