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Event dates for 2020:

Operation Yeti: 5-8 March
Operation Tango Operators pro II:
21-24 May
Operation eagle 2.0:  24-27 Sept
Operation sasquatch:  Later notification
Operation Hunter Force Missions: Later notification

Prices are based upon CPI (Consumer Price Index). The variation in inflation and actual consumer price values. SSMG´s expenses for events also follow the CPI since we have to invest in the production of events. Altering the prices according to CPI ensures that you always pay a fair gaming fee. [read more here about CPI]


Refunds disclaimer
Event fee is an individual investment in the launch of an event. All involved parties (both host and participant) are equal investors in the opportunity and creation of an event. Funds are collected and based on a minimum term.

Host responsibilities: SSMG is obligated to minimise the costs, eliminate unnecessary costs and act as a gate keeper and protect both organisation and participants and their mutual interests.
Participant responsibilities: Hold the best interest of the organisation, act with responsibility towards organisation and other participants by signing up in time and do everything within reasonable power to finalise an event by making the payment.

1.0 Equal cancellation terms pleaded between host and participant:

1.1 Refund of gaming fee only occurs if SSMG cancels an event. Then it´s on us.

1.2 If you have made your payments, the event is happening and you can not make it, you will not be refunded. Then it´s on you.


--------------------------------- Yeti OPS ---------------------------------------------

Operation yeti
Payments open

1095 - 1495 SEK

If you pay cash at location: 1500SEK or 150EURO


--------------------------------- Tango --------------------------------------------------
Operation Tango Operators pro II
Payments open 

995 - 1495 SEK

If you pay cash at location: 1500SEK or 150EURO

--------------------------------- Eagle --------------------------------------------------
Operation Eagle 2.0
Payments open 

1495 - 1995 SEK

If you pay cash at location: 1500SEK or 150EURO