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Participation / your participation in our games is done entirely at your own risk. The game host/SSMG is freeing itself from all liability for personal injury, property damage and / or losses. Your participation on, by us organized games represent that you have accepted and understood these rules.

Tip! Always carry a printed copy of the game rules in your uniform.

Minimum 18 years old in order to, in one way or another participate in game.

Protection glasses shall be carried during the entire game.

Must be biological BBS for automatic weapons, sniper weapons are an exception. We care about nature!
Bioval and BBBMax or so-called glass BBs are prohibited.

ROAD 205
This road runs between Laxå and Askersund through the game area (see map).
No fire fights are allowed on this road. Handling of weapons must be discreet.
Too many civilian vehicles use this road for us to be manageable. Therefore, we are taking extra precautions on this road and not showing force.
If someone opens fire on you on this road, immediately shout “Abort!”.
It is prohibited to use the road as transportation in order from north to south of the area and vice versa, in-game. All movements must be on the inner area's dirt roads.

Venavägen and Nyhammarvägen (roads by address)
No fire fights are allowed on this road. Handling of weapons must be discreet. If someone opens fire on you on this road, immediately shout “Abort!”

Passage though Spjuthult is not allowed. This road is closed during events. [see map]

Each team/player signs up through our website and specifies which side they will join and by this adapting to the uniform requirements that belongs to that fraction.

Flights in game can be cancelled completely in the event of bad weather. It is the pilot who decides if he can fly or not.
Aircrafts are out after it is illuminated with blue laser for at least 5sec. The pilot marks shoot down with wing tipping (back and forth) several times. Do not be illuminated during takeoff and landing. Make sure that it is an SSMG in game plane before it is illuminated.

Targets pointed out from the ground to flying airplanes are to be made with a green laser that is directed straight to the sky for detection. The attack direction for the plane is marked with pending movement in that direction the attack is to be carried out from air. Quick pendulum motion means that the attack must be located near the laser spot (within 100m) slow pendulum motion means a greater distance (about 100-300m). If possible the attacked object on the ground should be illuminated.

It is forbidden to with weapons:
- Aim against aeroplanes.
- Shoot against aeroplanes.
- To in one way or another influence the aeroplanes physically.
The pilot is responsible for the aeroplane. If a plane takes any damage it will immediatelly be grounded and can cost thousand's.

SSMG Special Sniper Marker Systems - Rules
Players during an event can be submitted to sniper activity up to 1500m of range and taken out without being hit by a BB. This sniper shot is regulated by SSMG with a pyrotechnical discharge simulated as a shot from a .50 cal rifle. The shooter selects a target and coordinates the assault in cooperation with SSMG. This kind of activity is mostly trusted to player in lever four and five to give them a realistic sniper range. These sniper shots are mostly concerned high value targets, such as vehicles and leaders. Targets/players that are submitted to this .50 cal shot have a respawn time of one hour. So be advised!

Combat Boats
* If the Lanterns (red, green, white) are on the boat is off game.
* You are not allowed to shoot on a boat with BBs.
* Boat-respawn location is always an Island or the mainland.
* Large boat takes out smaller boat automatically within 50m of approach. The size is measured in terms of boat length. Warning Shots in water is equal to a hit from the bigger boat.
* The Captain is always the operator, what is said by the captain counts.
* Do not step on inflatable tubes.
* Always keep a low stance in the boat.
* You may not climb onboard or leave the boat without the captains permission.
* Onboard weapons always secure - no bullet in the chamber. Exceptions to combat readiness, then the barrels always pointing outwards from the boat. The Captain orders combat readiness.
* No sharp objects allowed.

NOTE: Pilots are considered non-participants in the game, if they do not clearly bear a role of being participants.

It is forbidden to shoot or aim at parachute jumpers while they are airborne. When they have landed only single shots are allowed. NOTE: No automatic fire against parachutists. Skydivers participating in SSMG games and jumping during an event must follow parachute sport's regulations until the jumper has landed and taken off the parachute. Only thereafter is the person going under the SSMG airsoft regulations.

As divers in SSMG game, you must have at least a one star CMAS diving certificate or equal. And you must have completed at least one dive in the past year. Divers are always obliged to be familiar with the latest safety standards related to diving and their certificate. SSMG is working in consultation with the SSDF. Divers may not be physically affected during diving.

During diving is counted as:
1 ... When they are under water.
2 ... Longer than 10m from the beach / water line.
3 ... Or if they are in deeper water (standing) than waist height and higher.
4 ... In shallow waters and the water level is at waist level or lower, but the diver is longer than 10m from the beach / waterline you are permitted to act against divers.

If a diver lifts one arm above his head, it means that he is hit or abort fire. Divers who stands in the water may only be fired upon with single or burst shoots. Auto fire only when the diver is on dry land.

It is forbidden to use ammunition effects against divers in water. Do not forget that the speed of sound is about 1500m / s in water compared with approx. 340m / s in air. Hearing damage can occur at very long distances in water.

Uniform: There are no restrictions on camouflage or mixture. However, when you are uniformed in ACCF you must wear a white armband around the left wrist, which indicates that you belongs to ACCF. If the enemy asks to show your left wrist, you are obliged to follow the instructions. The option allowed is that you take out the person who asks, and that way do not have to show your wrist.

Civilian clothing: If wearing civilian clothes always use a white armband worn on the left arm clearly visible. If you are not wearing white armband you are off game. This is especially important because we have other civilians in the area. They must not be mistaken for being in game.

P.O.W. (POWs)
As a prisoner of war, it is important to role play. The more you act, the more believable will the situation be. Use your acting skills to manifest. Immerse yourself into the role of how it really would be to be captured.
* POW shall always follow verbal instructions.
* You must always make sure that the prisoner of war understands that he is a prisoner of war.
* You must always say Swe: "Du är nu krigsfånge - ENG: "You are now a prisoner of war".
* Always treat a prisoner of war the same way you would like to be treated as a POW.
* Anyone who takes someone as prisoner must always ask if there are any medical issues with the person. Some might be on critical medication, such as insulin e.g.
* All POW shall be assigned a code word. This key word is for the POW to use if he is experiencing excessive discomfort associated with his captivity. E.g. verbal harassment, bullying or if nature calls, but would otherwise verbally be detained and therefore prevented. Code word is there to avoid misunderstandings. Examples of code words: "Banana". If the code word is plead by the POW, all in game events should discontinue and proceed with a discussion held off game.
* Prisoners unload all own weapons when taken captive and is responsible for his own weapons.

- You can not physically detain a person (tie arms, legs), only oral detention permitted.
- Anyone who takes a prisoner of war is also fully responsible for the war prisoner.
- You can keep a prisoner of war for two hours. You must then release the prisoner up to 1000m from its own base. If you have not taken advantage of his captive during this period, so it is unlikely that you will do so.
- You’re not allowed to physical abuse a prisoner of war (to beat or touch with the purpose to injure).
- You shall not deprive the prisoner's personal property, such as identity cards, mobile phone, clothes, shoes, medicines or other accessories that are in his pockets.
- You can not deny a prisoner of war, food and water.
- To leave a POW alone or unattended.
- Stage execution.
- The POW can’t self eliminate and go off game and return to his own fraction.
- To use the code/key word, go off game and at the same time escape.

- You may remove, weapons, ammunition and combat equipment from the POW.
- It is permissible to order the war prisoner to hold his hands behind his back to simulate hands tied behind the back.
- It is permissible to put the blindfold on POW. But then the person must be supervised in such a way that he can not come to harm.
- It is permitted to search a POW in consent with the prisoner. A female prisoner of war shall only be liable to search of another woman. Are there no women at hand, the female prisoner has to on her own initiative provide hidden combat equipment and in game material.
- You may verbally implement your will on a prisoner to get out as much information as possible or the information you wish to receive from the POWs.
- Various forms of interrogation and intelligence gathering is allowed.

War Prisoner statement:
As a POW, I realize and accept that this is a phase in the game context. This means that a prisoner takes on a different role in the game, where your fraction is no longer your main job. As a POW, you should adapt to the situation and play along. You shall not leave the POW role for unreasonable reasons such as that you no longer think it's fun and thereby sabotage for other players who might have gone through a great deal of trouble to get a hold of you. As a POW should take into account the situation with all that it implies, and show a good game will.


Never aim a weapon against a civilian. We live in an international society where people with different ethnic background can have experience from real conflicts. The effect of this can have unforeseen consequences. Try to avoid civilian contact.
Do not forget! If a civilian sees you, chances are that the playing enemy also sees you.

Because of civilian rights, we can not prevent any civilians entering the area despite that we lease the land for the game. Avoid contact with civilians. If you believe civilians can get caught in a fire fight, abort the game for the moment (by screaming “ABORT”) if it is urgent, or if it seems the right thing to do, walk up to them and inform them of the situation. Most people appreciate that information. Always approach civilians with a kind tone. If you face any difficulties contact us or eventually abort gaming in the area.

Fire Fights
It is not allowed to lob / throw plastic at each other aimlessly for a long time. If you have emptied more than two clips from the same battle position, you have been for too long. Then it's time to make a decision and move. NOTE: Not applicable for stationary personnel.
Fire Fights are not to last longer than a minute. Advance forward, or a fall back must take place within a minute. The fight must be completed - either through an advance over the enemy or by a fallback to the nearest checkpoint. This is the squad commander's decision. The squad commander runs the fight. A fire fight involving more than a group is commanded by platoon leader together with the squad commanders.

Each group must have one radio operator (with radio). Each group must have a squad commander and one sec. squad commander.
A composition of two or several groups must one temporary platoon commander be appointed. It is the groups that decide whom that person will be for the moment. Separation of the groups ceases the platoon commander role.
This concerns all involved parties. All teams less than four people are assigned to the section” random teams” in the gameing rules.

We leave nobody behind! Random teams exist in order for everyone to participate. Including those who don’t have an entire team to join with. As participant you agree to the forming of random teams. So that other friends that do not have succeeded to arrive with an entire group can participate.

If a real injury accurs contact the management. There are trained medicians and ambulance can be called to the location. E
mergency call directly 112.

- You have no rights to enter; fenced areas, nature reserve, special delimited land, private property, cultivated land, inside or directly outside infrastructure. These rules apply unless otherwise stated.

You as an individual participant are required to know all the rules of the game before
the game begins. Already on site stating that you were not aware is unacceptable
and irresponsible to your surroundings and your fellow players. You must also
carefully read the information that you are provided with.
For when the game begins it is too late to ask questions.
Always read the rules of the game before you go out on a game!

Act! Yell "marked" or "hit" “arghh" also works. If you’re hit, you are out. Do not talk to others and reveal vital info, such as where you got shot from etc. Use a visible canvas with a clear color that indicates that you are out, so people do not continue to shoot at you.

Will not be any medics, you go to the nearest rondezvous point or fixed respawn location on the map and await the rest of the group to re-gather.



If the whole group is eliminated, go to the nearest rondezvous (UPK) or fixed respawn location. Do not go to the same UPK as the enemy. Ten minutes after the whole team is re-grouped, you are in game again.

Respawn hit by BBs man-to-man: 10min.
Respawn time vehicle M203 or touch 15min.
Respawn time vehicle hit by AT12 system: 30min (for vehicle and players)
Respawn time vehicle from IED: 30min (for vehicle and players)

Respawn repair vehicle 30min.
Respawn driving over a mine: 60min. (for vehicle and players)
Respawn time SSMG sniper marker system 60min. (for vehicles and players)

NOTE! If there is fire fight in the area wait or move to another UPK,
NOTE! You may not respawn during a fire fight or to the same fire fight you just got out of.

The weapon becomes unusable until the battle is over. Side arm is okay to use.
Team mates weapon are ok to use.


Will not have any chroning before the game.
Use common sense on what you have in the rifle.


Saftey distance

0.20 m/s

0.25 m/s

0.28 m/s

0.30 m/s

0.34 m/s

0.43 m/s

0.45 m/s










Auto A









Auto B


















Bolt A









Bolt B









Trim Limits at night games (21.30-05.30):
Only the arms up to Class Auto B.

Common sense! At short range shooting single shots at insensitive places, such as backpack, vest, legs, or use a sidearm.

“Bam” Rule is not used!

Unlimited number of standard magazines are allowed.
MidCap to be loaded with 80 bullets MAX / magazine!
Drum magazine for carbines is prohibited!
Hicap prohibited!

SAW may use standard magazine and box clip.
Box clip can contain a maximum of 1500 rounds.
Hicap is prohibited!

MAGAZINE FOR Snipers / Sharp Shooters
Max 10 BBs for Snipers.
Max 30 BBs for the Sharp Shooters.

Unrestricted number of ammo may be carried in backpacks with food, sleeping bags and everything else that you need outdoors, but may not be dragged on during the whole time. I.e. when you dump camp equipment, you must also leave the extra ammo.
Max 1000 rounds unloaded per group! Can be carried with you without your full packing.

Shall consist of small bang (SFX) effect.
All within a radius of 3 meters from the detonation are considered as a hit.
Must be mounted in knee height!
Not allowed with bbs! (This is due to the risk of injury to civilians in the area and damage to pets!)
Must be approved by us.

DEFENSE CHARGE (fired via control!)
To be used with pellets. May only be fired on a clear field of view!
Must be approved by us.

Should not consist of crack. "Drum"-type devices are ok.
Panic alarms should be used as alarm mines. However, the speaker holes taped over to take the edge of the sound.
Alarm mines (RS & other with loud sounds) to be mounted at least at 4 meters height!
Must be approved by us.

Should always be approved by us!
Hand grenades with SFX are not accepted.
Smoke must be approved by us.

Material and effects that may cause fire shall be used only under supervision. The result of the impact has to be inspected by the person detonating it, which is also responsible for the effect and outcome.

Unexpected situations occur that are not covered by any rules. You personally determine the outcome of that situation. On these occasions, it is important that you have a good common sense.

* Person with blue beret associated to SSMG.
* Crew with reflex vest.
* At people that you are doubtful whether they are in-game or not.

Other stuff to think about!
Do not aim and shoot against someone who is not wearing goggles. Even if they are in-game.


PROTECTED AREAS and Nature reserve
Will be marked on the map. Absolutely forbidden to reside in, or adjacent to the area!

If a base is defeated more than three times, all personnel have to regroup the whole base and fall back to a different location. Where this new location is will the Platoon commander decide? This means that the whole fraction has to move with everything they got. After three regroupings the fraction will cease to exist.

If you defeat and eliminate a whole base you have to report it to the game host.

An empty base camp can still be defeated, eliminated and lost to other fractions.

No base camp is ever to be left unguarded if there are personnel or personal belongings. Fraction properties such as tents, vehicles, personal belongings and resting personnel have to be guarded/protected at all time.

If a heated military tent is used, there has to be a fire guard managing the fire process. A fire guard post scheme should always be made.

If a road leads to a fraction base camp, that road has to be set up with a check point with minimum two men. A check point is never to be left unmanned. Other civilians can show up, we can not block a road and leave it there.

* A road must never be blocked to such extent that it is impossible to pass.
* A road block is never to be left unattended. There are civilian cars in the area.
* There must be a 1st and 2nd officer on site. First traffic officer is in charge of all passing vehicles and the second officer is located in a firing position at the side of the road acting as support for the first officer.
* First officer counts as a roadblock, because the soldier's physical body is an obstacle.
* Never set up a roadblock in a curve of obstruction. It can be life threatening.
* Borrow a warning triangle if possibility and set it up 100m down the road in front of the roadblock.
* If  the roadblock ceases to exist the site has to be restored to its original state.
* At night, the roadblocks have to be marked with lightsticks in the same color as the in game vehicles within your own fraction.
*You are not permitted to set up roadblocks/checkpoints on asphalt roads.

Absence Without Leave  (AWOL)
You can not leave the game area and go Off game to recover. All resting has to be in game, in the game area.
You can not end a game and go home before game stop without notifying the game host.

VEHICLE REGULATIONS (Rule temporarily disabled)
Vehicles within NATO, EFAF and SWEFORCE can not respawn without assistance. A special repair vehicles must be called to the scene and repair the damaged vehicle on location for it to re-enter service. The [repair vehicle] assignment is a rotating schedule equally divided on all vehicles within the fraction. The duty rotates to the next vehicle after three hours. The switch always takes place by an SMS or phone call to the vehicle next in line. A schedule/list with vehicle registration number, mobile number and service hours shall be made at base before game start. The whole fraction is responsible for the set up of this schedule.

Destroyed vehicles can not be driven, must stand still with an open engine hood on the spot where it was taken out and remain there till the repair vehicle has arrived. The time for respawn begins when the repair vehicle is in place.

All repair vehicles must have a flag in the color purple on the roof in addition to their usual fraction flag. This flag symbolizes: "Repairing Vehicles in service".

Respawn time for ordinary vehicles 15min.
Respawnt time for repair vehicles 30min.

Vehicle Flags
NATO - all vehicles must be marked with blue or NATO flag
EFAF - all vehicles must be marked with the Red Flag
ACCF - all vehicles must be marked with the White Flag
SWEFORCE-all vehicles must be marked with yellow or Swedish flag.
UN - all vehicles must be marked with a Green Flag or UN flag.
Vehicles must be approved by us before use in-game.
Vehicles must have a visible flag on the roof that marks the vehicle in-game. The flag shall be the highest point on the car.
(NATO, EFAF, SWEFORCE vehicles shall also be equipped with an extra purple flag in every vehicle in order to figure as repairing vehicles.)
Top speed 40km / h.

Vehicles at night:
All vehicles must be marked with a light stick in the same color as the flag. Light sticks being mounted on the flagpole visible. Light sticks also attached to the highest point on the car.
NATO - Blue Light stick
EFAF - Red Light stick
ACCF - White Light stick
SWEFORCE - Yellow Light stick
UN - Green light sticks
NOTE: If you don’t see a light stick or flag, you are forbidden to act against a vehicle.

Stopping a games vehicle:
By placing pine boughs or other green vegetation in both wheel tracks on a dirt road (not asphalt) in an approximately 50x50cm square shape. Use tree buckling not branches and use what you find on the ground, don’t break off anything from a tree. Don’t pack up a bed of vegetation on the road, use only as much green that it clearly shows it is done by a human. This symbolizes "Road mined". In-game vehicles have to stop every time to clear these kind of road mines. The clearance is easily done by someone from the vehicle stepping out and removing the vegetation “mine”. If a vehicle passes this kind of vegetation/mining it is out. Vehicles are allowed to back away from the mined road part without clearing it and drive a different route. If you as a participant see that in game vehicles are abusing this rule, note the vehicle registration number and report it to the game host immediately.

Instead of green vegetation, it is ok to use a colorful Frisbee, or paper plates as a mine.

NOTE: It is not possible to take out a vehicle by firing with automatic weapons at the car. To take out a vehicle, you have to:
- Walk up to the car and tap the engine hood twice with your palm and says "Out!"
- That you shoot with an airsoft M203, RPG, AT12 system, SSMG sniper system or other Anti armour weapon that shoots BBs.
- If a vehicle has run over a mine.

Special rule:
You can box in a game vehicle. If a game vehicle approaches a road mine you are allowed to mine behind the vehicle in the same manner as stated above in order to prevent the vehicle from reversing from the site.

The Police are always informed about the event.

Show consideration for animals and nature.

Do not litter! All non decomposable material must be handled properly and thrown away in a garbage bag. Don’t leave anything out there.

Open fire places are not allowed - only field kitchens are permitted.

You are forbidden to break off branches or cut down trees in accordance to the landowner.

If nature’s calling, dig a hole and bury it


SSMG IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Rules
An SSMG IED is a pyrotechnical discharge at approx. 145-150db. It is always manually operated by a shooter – daytime use only for safety reasons.
The IED is always appointed away from the target with a cover obstacle between the target and the IED for safety reasons.
An IED is 99% of all times concerning vehicles and are assigned to roads.


- Vehicles (any type) that are exposed for an IED are eliminated instantly including all personnel onboard.

- You know that the IED concerns you when the explosion occurs approx. 90 degrees to the left or right of your vehicle. If it detonates in front of you or behind you it probably doesn’t concern your vehicle.

- Respawn time for IED strike out is enhanced to 30min.

- Safety distance 50m.


SSMG AT12L (GRG) and AT12S (RPG) Rules. *Danger WarningGreen Laser*

These are human carried weapon marker systems for vehicle and armor elimination operated as a shoulder carried system. Personnel using the AT12L and AT12S system has to fulfill and pass the requirements for basic operators training by SSMG. Operators are personally assigned to these weapon systems. The AT12 system is only and are only allowed to be used by trained personnel. Other users are strictly forbidden to use the weapon systems at any time.


- Vehicles (any type) that are exposed to the AT12 system are eliminated instantly including all personnel onboard.

- The AT12 weapon systems is operated with a Green Laser appointing the concerned vehicle in darkness. The shooter is trained to safely operate the laser.

- The AT12 weapon system is permitted to be used at any time of the day.

- Safety distance 50m.