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Track record of fire fights, incidents and activity reports have to be kept and recorded by all sides and reported by standards to higher command. Any means of message delivery is accepted. SMS, phone call, radio wave, ordinance. All reports to SSMG Crew.
All field reports are kept and presented online with map and text after each event. This functions as a foundation for future events and dictates the continuous dynamic development, perpetrating an actual ongoing situation. The collected data is to mirror the activities of the operating troops and function as data for tactics and statistics.  


You can respawn anywhere, BUT this doesn´t mean that you can or shall use this against your opponent. If your opponent feels that you are respawning on them continuously they are given Administrators rights from SSMG to temporarily stop the game to solve the issue. E.g. you can´t respawn at the same place as your enemy or on their facilities, bases or objects. You need to isolate yourself giving both you and your opponent space. 

Walk respawn is accepted.
Walk for 10min away from your fire fight or objective and you are back in.

Using enemy or behind enemy lines roads gives you 60min respawn time. Road is considered as; on the road and five meters to the side of it.
Anyone who gives the order or decides on own action to use an enemy road openly is also responsible for the consequences for their high risk action. Such actions are discouraged by professionals and also by SSMG at any point. Basically - Don´t do the crime, if you can´t do the time.

You are not allowed to:
- Create an endless loop. Meaning that people ´shot out´ respawn in to the fight they just got shot out from. 
- Same attack point, object attack - endless loop. Wait at least 30min before you try to take down an object or position again.

This is when you do something and fail repeatedly by doing it the same way over and over again without taking the effort, time and thought to do it better or doing it the way it´s supposed to be done. This is considered inherited from lack of interest, unmotivation and laziness. 
From a hosts point of view your actions are and will be a subject for evaluation at that point. Giving you the option to explain your actions. If they are considered legitimate, you will be permitted to proceed, otherwise your actions will be cancelled and redirected for a better cause to increase game quality.


When to report:
- Survivors on both sides - both sides send report.
- Survivors on one side - surviving side reports.

Highest in command or radio operator is in charge of reporting as following:


"Fire fight report from [fraction, team]"
- Time (when did the fight occur - ddhh:mm)
- Position, coordinates of the fight. (N; E;)
- How much own ammo left? (count magazines)
- How many own casualties?
- How many own survivors?
- How many enemies observed?
- Enemy uniform and nationality?
- What are your immediate intentions?

Use this for coordinates::: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…



An incident report is always sent in when something happens within own area. Examples; Border trespassing, accidents, explosions, fire, car crash, medical etc.

"Incident report from [fraction, team]"
- Time (when did the incident occur - ddhh:mm)
- Position, coordinates of the incident. (N; E;)
- Any own objects damaged or destroyed?
- Any own casualties?
- How did you notice the incident?
- Any enemies observed?
- Enemy uniform and nationality?
- Note: ...speak freely
Your name initials (first letters of your, First and Last name)


An activity report is always sent in or noted when opposing troops are performing on their own side of the border, but very close, observably close to own border which could lead to an incident report. Write an incident report instead if; cross border - trespassing in any way.  E.g. Cross border shooting, walk over or drive over.

"Activity report from [fraction, team]"
- Time (when did the activity occur - ddhh:mm)
- Position, coordinates of the activity. (N; E;)
- How many enemies?
- Type of troops? (infantry, armor, etc)
- Symbols? (Patches, flags, uniforms, nationality etc)
- What were they doing?
- Note: ...speak freely
- Your name initials (first letters of your, First and Last name)


A fire fight can only have three values
- You are outnumbered
- They are outnumbered 
- Or, equal terms.

A first contact situation can only have three values
- Forehand (You see the enemy first, you get to decide their fate first)
- Second hand (Enemy sees you first, they get to decide your fate first)
- Same time (Murphy gets to decide your fate)

All combat situations are to be evaluated with the above terms.


The person in charge when a fire fight breaks out has to evaluate the situation within 30sec if own personnel is to pull back or advance forward. This to solve the situation as quickly as possible for own benefits. Remember, the report after the fire fight counts. Don't lose too much. Your win/lose situations are affected by your ability to make good decisions in a tough environment.

Decide: "Shoot your way out of a situation or roll over the enemy and finish the job".

The action of the 30sec. decision is executed by 'scream out of the command to other team members.

SSMG reserves the right to warn players, groups or platoons who do not take these agreements in to practical action. Lame acting in combat situations or doing nothing or just throwing bbs at each other can subject you for penalty by advantage points to the other side.

This is discussed with both sides before any action is taken in any matter.




All payments are to be received the latest one month before event start; this to secure participants in advance for any upcoming Mil.Ex. event. No payments are accepted after the expired date, nor can payments be made on site. Check-in time is to be minimized on site for quality reasons to get the event started as quickly and smoothly as possible. Therefore we wish to have all the formalities out of the way so SSMG can focus its time on quality and tasks instead.
Registered players that haven´t made the payment deadline are automatically cancelled from the registration list and the event under the assumptions that the individual no longer wishes to be listed.
If an individual despite the above terms wishes to participate, then the following options are available:

- Have another participant pay the event fee for you within the deadline. Then you can settle the payment with that person whenever you like. But remember, a registration is still necessary even if someone else pays your ticket.

If SSMG green lights the event (only after the deadline payment time), then no refunds are issued.
If SSMG flags off the event, everyone is refunded.


Early payment is also to function as a barrier for the participant, eliminating the option for everyone to decide in the last minute if taking part is a good idea due to weather conditions. Weather based participation is something that’s accepted within our Mil.Sim. events e.g. Tango Ops, but not belonging to our concept of Mil.Ex.

The foundations to these and other terms are: 
#1 Create realism – An armed conflict isn´t cancelled because of weather.
#2 If you are weather dependent, you probably won´t make it through the event anyway, because the weather is a constant and a fraction of your problems always.
#3 Airsoft development; pushing the limits and taking the sport beyond the horizon.