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Camp Victory

Hunter Force Missions


What is Hunter Force Missions?

 -          No continuous game scenario.

-          No uniform rules.

-          Single missions only.

-          Team based gaming.

-          No secrets, all missions open.

-          No fractions.


Fun part only:

Yes! Ever wanted to do the fun parts at military simulated events and skip everything else? Well HFM is it.


HFM (Hunter Force Missions) is a mission based event focusing only on missions. Every mission has its own scenario.  After the mission ends the situation will be neutralized and shortly after that the next mission will be available. A mission can last everything from one to twelve hours depending on the assignment. The whole event is focused on your team’s ability to conduct assignments and operate at an optimal level. At some point this will also be a competition addressing the best team at the end of the game. The operating teams will face missions at many different difficulty levels. The challenge with the missions will put all the teams to the test. So HFM is a great opportunity for those who want to evaluate, test their teams and team build.


Every team joined at HFM is executing the same mission.  No missions are confidential at HFM; every mission is on open basis. The reason for this is that your team should be able to prepare for the upcoming missions in advance, leaving the best trained team with winning status. Team size is limited to a maximum of eight people and a minimum of four. Teams that are larger than eight will be split and teams that are less than four will be merged with others.



All teams live at one base camp (Camp Victory). This camp is a none combat zone and is never in game. All time outside of mission time is free spare time. You are allowed to do whatever you like, e.g. eat, sleep, shop, go for a swim…the decision is yours. But you always have to be back combat ready for your next mission 15min. before your new mission starts no matter what.