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Some difficulty levels to classify our games and fractions by.

Factors that determine the degree of difficulty:

-          Weather and seasons.

-          Overnight situation.

-          Terrain

-          Own performance

-          Distance

-          Access to facilities

-          Assignments


Difficulty level   ○○○○
Equal to a Sunday stroll. Sleep at night, staying indoors and there is access to all the everyday amenities.


Difficulty level  ●● ○○○
No great risk of becoming sweaty, but if so, there are good opportunities to change clothes and provide for hygiene. Might have to be awake at night. Staying indoors, have access to a bed or a sleeping bag and staying in plus degrees.


Difficulty level  ●●● ○○
An average exerciser feels this physically. May have access to the outhouse, but you might have to wash yourself in the local lake or stream. Either you live in tents or other temporary solutions. The food is made in your own field kitchen. You can expect to walk a few kilometers per day. You do not far to the modern facilities where you can both charge batt. and fullfil your needs. You should be able to perform missions that last for 6-8 hours.


Difficulty level  ●●●●
Now things require field experience and good outdoor routines. You do not have access to some everyday amenities. Everything you own, you have in your backpack or in your ingame vehicles. You may be able to get access to your stuff in your main base, but the mission comes first. You should be able to make it in the field on your own for at least 24 hours. Do not expect to sleep much at night.


Difficulty level  ●●●●● Mil.Ex. grade
This is the special forces fraction of Mil.Sim.
These are usually associated with our SF fractions. Do not count on anyone or anything. Here you have to start a game and be in the field during the entire game without you ever come in contact with everyday life. You should manage being in the field on your own for at least 48h. The only safe means of transport, you can count on are your own legs. It is expected from both the host and other participants that you can perform at any time during the entire event. You should be able to accomplish your mission with minimal means and maximum extreme conditions all year round. An extended level of responsibility and trust for more complex duties are included. You should not have any phobias or medical issues.

Participants at level five factions have the option to be temporarily relocated within their own faction upon request if the level is too difficult. The redeployment is done by the host to an easier difficulty level within the same faction. This is to avoid the need to suspend operations entirely and cancel your event. You can relocate to an easier fraction three times at three different events, after that you will be a subject for evaluation for future events at level five.


Difficulty level  ●●●●● Mil.Ex. grade
Same level as real life military special forces. This is the special forces fraction of Mil.Ex. events grade one. Here we do not compromise with what we, or you do. Either you make it or you don´t. This level is definitely not for everyone. Your mission can ask anything of you. You have to survive in the most extreme and still preform. There is no life line for you. You cannot fall back to an easier level. The responsibility level that is asked of you is at the top of the line. Here you might even be responsible for other people’s lives. Other people may also rely on your competence. You might have to educate other people; therefore good leadership qualities are required. You have to lead by example and show others that what you do is possible and so on. This level makes you eligible for the Extra Ordinary Achievement medal, but never the first time. Make it in to this fraction and level and you will do stuff others only fantasize about.