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Yeti ops patch


Norway´s resources of natural gas up in the North Cape area are vital for Norway´s economy and future survival. One of the largest facilities is in Hammerfest.
Nato has issued Norway to work out an immediate defense plan for the most northern parts of the country, insisting on ground troops and saying that NAF (Norwegian Airforce) is not capable of protecting their facilities only from the air.
Satellite images have shown for the past eight months an increase of arctic and sub-arctic activity from eastern forces which probably has influenced Nato´s request to Norway.

Norway as a Nato country is now hosting a military exercise near the Russian border. Sweden is joining in to evaluate ...its Nato member ship and assist with their long experience of sub arctic warfare. Nato command sees Rangers as the only possible operational units in the rough arctic environment. Now they want to test their theory.

Nato wants to know how this border area best can be protected from an invading enemy. Therefore a large co-op exercise is set up. Other Nato countries are ordered to send in their Ranger units for more arctic environment training incase Nato would need to assist Norway in the defense of the arctic.

The maneuver has come to Russia’s attention and was condemned immediately. A counter exercise was set up by the Russians on their own side of the border. Cross border observations were made by Swedish units already in place, before Nato, confirming An-124 airdrops of both troops and material.

Swedish units also confirm the find of cross border ski tracks in the southern parts of the border, ending up in major speculations and investigations. Rough weathers wiped out the tracks unfortunate for the follow up. Nato says that civilian activity in these areas are very,very rare. Soldiers believe that Eastern Forces are operating over the borders and have done so for a long time to map the area. After the finding of cross border tracks Norway airdropped a large amount of live ammunition to their exercising troops.

Operation Yeti has started

SSMG Mil.Ex (Military Experience)
Ranger units arctic warefare (Jägarstrid vinter)
Level 5 grade 1 & 2
Norway/Russian border

Nato and Norwegian mountain rangers
Swedish Rangers (Lapplandsjägare)
ASU - Arctic Spetsnaz Units

- Heated tents from SSMG[2pcs of 12man tents] and [2pcs of 20man tents]
- Game area split 50/50 (West and East)
- No motorized vehicles over the nation borders.
- Over the border operations only on foot, skis or snowshoes.

- Rules for smoke grenades: OK all terrain wintertime – Do not throw at vehicles or people. Pick up remains after use.

- Carbines, single fire only and Max 130m/s measured with 0.20g BB
- Support weapons, auto only
- Support weapons 5.56mm – Max 140m/s measured with 0.20g BB
- Support weapons 7.62mm or higher – Max 150m/s measured with 0.20g BB


SSMG Mil.Ex. weapon rules


Real Caliber


Safety Distance



Up to 105


Carbines & SMG




Support (SAW)

Up to 7.61mm



Support (SAW)

7.62 and higher



Sniper Semi or Bolt


Max 200


Meters/second is for 0.20BB only. You are not allowed to match your muzzle speed with/to a heavier BB. It is optional to trim your weapon to the maximum trim limit. Your safety distance is what your weapon is doing in m/s.

- Tracer kit requirements from 2018 on all Mil.Ex events. Until then it is only a request from SSMG. Those of you that start using from 2016 are especially thanked and ahead of the game.
- Bring own ski´s, or snow shoes if you like.

NEW FROM YETI 2017 (this text might be modified, so keep track)

Each team is provided (a loan only) by SSMG with a Waterproof GPS Live tracking device for continuous location monitoring in remote areas throughout the whole event. Benefits with this is that teams can operate freely in (operate and forget) type of fashion. Teams will be geofenced, meaning that if you are outside the operation area a signal will be provided to your command central. You will not have to position report to C.C. all routs will be optimized for all teams to save both time and energy. Fire Fights will also be easily reported to higher command by only one button click on the device. C.C. will also easily be able to provide all field teams with map overview of all team locations, missions and areas by sending print screen images to all operating teams. Practical tool for live mission updating.

The grading for the event is changed. Yeti is now only our own SSMG concept Mil.Ex. This because the event consists or/and will contain level of realism that you normally do not experience anywhere else. Therefore we can not grade it to anything else than level five.

SSMG MIL.EX. EVENT OPERATION AREA The area from 2017 will most likely be new, never before used by us. SSMG will never publish the detailed map event area for Yeti. Only a 100x100km overview for target destination. Yeti operators only... will receive, 24h before check-in a (go-to) google map coordinate for team check-in, where your gps device and first mission will be waiting for you.

SSMG will not be waiting for you. Infact, we might not even be available at start untill you have checked in with your gps device, unless it is an emergency. As mentioned above, gps coordinates to your check in only. Therefrom you will start operating. Phone numbers to each and every team will be extra important though.

If you are alone, without an own team and want to join this event, no problem. Your participation is always protected under the wings of the SSMG Eagle. We have an unwritten rule that no one is left outside or behind. Your participation is always seen as a usefull recourse. If you are totally alone, you will be assigned to a team for service. If enough alone players can form an own team, it will be done under the SSMG Temporary Construction Team rule. YETIES Operating Mil.Ex snipers with SSMG sniper systems in winter ghillie suits are called Yeties. They will be out there to put pressure on operating teams. This is an order catered from SSMG to external forces to put pressure on all fractions. This order will be relieved when 50 or more players join. Then SSMG will consider the field pressure to be handled by opposing sides due to the amount of players. Yeties are operating totally independently from SSMG. We only assign an area of operation to the Yeties and then "forget" them.