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L.R.R.O (Long Range Recon Operation)  Teams



Educational, team building, long range operations setup. For any individual or already existing team that wants to evaluate, validate or increase knowledge base in survival at long range operations with a successful outcome.


Main goal statement

SSMG as a host is to offer its resources and knowledge to contribute to the international quality of airsoft-gaming and airsoft-participants, to contribute, dedicate and take responsibility as a main host to deliver quality gaming and quality players to the community of airsoft. Most importantly acting as an open gateway for new, future players that want to enter the world of airsoft, offering them education and a quick introduction to the community of airsofting and Mil.Ex.

Level control

The course has a static level setup at Mil.Ex. grade I & II.

This means that the course is in disregard to the participant. It is the participant that has to adopt the course and its goals. The course has its goals which have to be reached. This is due to that the course is a diploma course which ensures that you as individual have reached certain goals which SSMG validates others within the airsoft community by the diploma and patch.


Is to reach airsofters introduction to Mil.Ex. type of gaming, with a push towards a sense of adventure, reaching personal and team goals which otherwise would seem impossible to reach.


A person or team within airsoft should be able to validate themselves through these courses and build themselves a reputation from start within the airsoft community. These courses are to give everyone an equal opportunity to leapfrog from Rookie to Mil.Ex. without needing years of experience to attend a course like this.

These courses suit

Individual or team, beginner or expert with normal health and physical ability.

Course Setup

Scenario based field operations, education with theory.
The three stage setup course:

  1. Basic field operations 50km radius Ops.&Tac. (Fri-Sun)
    (Land/terrain based operations)

  2. Advanced field operations 150km radius Ops.&Tac. (Fri-Sun)
    (Land, streams and inland lake operations)

  3. Examination course - The 300km radius Ops.&Tac. (Thu-Sun)
    (Land, streams, inland lakes and sea offshore operations)

  • Whole course alternative: Sun. - Sat. . . One week. Including Basic, Advanced and Examination course in one week.

Completion of all three courses are validated with signed diploma and the SSMG L.R.R.O Operators patch. Also known as the 500km Operation patch, which is only worn by those that have completed all three stages, passed a distance of minimum 500km and succeeded with operational agenda.

Course details in general

Written in none particular order.

  • Long range navigation in different environment and terrain.

  • WCS (Worst Case Scenario) practice.

  • Enemy evasion and avoidance.

  • Close enemy recon and intel gathering.

  • Transportation methods sea, air and land.

  • Insertion and extraction zones sea & land.

  • Moving vehicles drop-off and pick-ups Sea and Land.

  • Tactical gear walkthrough.

  • Rendezvous and long range, on time arrival and planning accuracy.

  • Helicopter and difficult terrain rappelling.

  • Inland river operations and water passages.

  • Everything done day and night.

  • Metrology, terrain and own mission planning.  


Minimum four (4) participants.


Include SSMG´s costs of game areas, vehicle, boats, facility renting, tents, fuel, transports and miscellaneous gear use and expenses to complete the course.

Basic course (Fri-Sun) €230pp

Advanced course (Fri-Sun) €250pp

Examination course (Thu-Sun) €290pp

One week course Basic-Exam (Sun-Sat) €750pp