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SSMG MilSim: Operation Tango Bermuda Scenario from SSMG on Vimeo.






Scenario Tango Bermuda




The conflict of the involved nations led to an open war.


Nato forces managed to uphold the northen area of the conflict zone. Areal ranger units succeeded at first with the defence of the airbase and area 61 in a cooperation with light armoured vehicle forces.


As the conflict escalated to somewhat out of proportion Nato forces met resistance beyond calculated measures. Eastern units and private military contractors engaged in a massive offensive with special forces behind enemy lines. This resulted in great loss of Nato troops and conflict areas.

An International delegation visiting the area was almost defeated on site. One French diplomat was kidnapped by local rebels.


After 48 hours, half of the North Atlantic treaty organisation forces were estimated by commanding officers to be down on 50 percent of their capability. Resisting troops from eastern countries and PMC forces showed to be somewhat of a problem for Nato. Especially when Nato troops faced resistance from Swedish ranger units and local rebels.


Never the less eastern units managed uphold their positions despite that their main base was compromised and faced heavy losses after 36 hours. Many of the surviving troops turned to guerrilla warfare.


With the losses of Nato troops eastern forces managed to conduct and impose their will on remaining Nato forces and suppress troops within area 61.


Swedish ranger units operating in the area faced heavy losses in the conflict area. One survivor managed to destroy the runway within area 61.

Assisting rebel units allied with Swedish forces harboured information and assisted in different operations beyond the knowledge of governmental display.


Media in the area interviewing locals managed to film crimes against human rights conducted by Nato troops. This demoralized large parts of Nato forces when the footage leaked and wrote headlines world wide.

International forces tried to quiet down the situations by claiming that the film was staged and fake.

This blew up the conflict to unwanted proportions. Resulting in the media attention that was supposed to be avoided.


Rumours say that a small dirt bomb has detonated in the area crippling parts of the conflict zone making it inhabitable until further notice. Troops in the area are investigating and evaluating the situation. All military activity in the northern parts is off limits until further notice.


Area 61 is closed down because of the radiation and after the security breach and destruction of its main runway.


Nato managed to shoot down an unidentified aircraft over area 61. The pilot was found after 8 hours and interrogated by Nato forces.


The pilot Nato had captured was exchanged with the French hostage minister. Shortly after the exchange the ejected pilot managed to escape from the Swedish units. It is still not known if the pilot actually escaped or that he was set free by Swedish troops for other purposes.  The only information that came out from the interrogation was that there is a nuclear charge on an island and that he has the code for the device.


The origin of the pilot is still unknown....


Rumours say that he has detailed information of all the operating forces in the area, their whereabouts and orders registered in the black box. This could be a main reason why the pilot “accidentally” was set free, speculating that he is the only one knowing where the black box is located.

The pilot is still missing in the area. But without the pilots knowledge a tracking device was planted on him. Making it possible for Nato troops to track his location. The only computer tracking the pilot is located in the contaminated area 61. The PC was left behind after the immediate evacuation of the airfield.


Troops in the area are now racing in desperation to end this conflict by any means. Their only ace of spades for the moment seems to be one unknown pilot.


The hunt is on....