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SSMG Mil.Sim Operation Tango Latitude "promo" 2010 from SSMG on Vimeo.


Current Situation 2010

Occupied territories have become war zones. Everything is controlled by international military forces.
Sweden has mobilized its Special Force to push back the enemy.
Politically, no one dares to declare war on each other with the risk that there will be an open war, and that a third world war is likely to flare up, given that there are so many countries involved. Sweden is somewhat desperate over a solution to solve the conflict but not to ignore and exclude any approach to reach that goal. At the very first Sweforce operations they reached major success. The Ranger units were successful with their missions in the area to divide and mislead the NATO units during reorganization.

Swedish soldiers have reported divergent observations from the field after returning from missions.

Citations at debriefing:
"I observed at the airfield for six hours, but I could not discern their activities. It looked like they had something else more important to do. The military threat they had against them did not seem as important as to do their other jobs "

"They seemed to be preoccupied with something important”

"It looked secret to me, there was something important in the hangar"

"Everything seemed to be stressed and in a hurry"

"They are clearly hiding something"

Russians, PMC and other international forces from East have reported strange happenings. An entire platoon has disappeared without a trace from the area. It is said that they have been captured by NATO forces, others state that it has with the local ACCF groups to do.
Some have completely different theories.

ACCF (Armed Civil and Criminal Forces), which is a composition of lawless locals state that the conflict has nothing to do with the natural resources available in the area. Local people have been present in the area since the first troops arrived.
Many among them are convinced that all these natural resources have been a misleading maneuver for something completely different. ACCF has taken the law into their own hands and not trusting anyone. ACCF has from an unknown source managed to get a "dirty bomb" (charge with nuclear waste). They have threatened the conflict countries with the bomb. That if they do not leave the area, they will detonate it. No one until this day knows where the bomb is.

Rumors are circulating that units from EFAF have secretly cooperated with Swedish units. However, this is not something that has been officially confirmed.
Swedish soldiers who have returned from operations in the area deny cooperating with the enemy. No one from EFAF has confirmed the rumors.
The Swedish military considers this only as propaganda by the enemy.


Losses on the NATO side has resulted in NATO countries sending additional reinforcements.
Top modern IT units are sent in to monitor the area with armored units and Commando troops.
NATO countries have flown in units from around the world and sealed off the entire airport and its area. NATO commander has with international orders declared the area around the airfield to a top secret base. The area is now called Area 61.

Area 61 has been set as priority one on the NATO defense list. Everything must be defended at all costs from an attacker.
Special IWU (Internet Warfare Units) cooperate and govern LAV (Light Armored Vehicles) units directly in the field with satellite precision to fight the enemy. Cutting-edge satellite communication is used to monitor the area, Area 61 and to control units.

Swedish Ranger units have managed to take control of a small area outside Area 61.
A decision is taken on further operations in the area. Special Forces units are deployed to carry out missions in order to put an end to the conflict.

EFAF has gotten in to heavy fire fights with NATO and the local population. Units from East have joined the conflict to assist the take back of exploitation areas. Several attacks against the airbase and key installations have been executed by EFAFs unknown special forces.

ACCF has on several occasions tried to trespass into the NATO area. Where the NATO commander has been the main target. Despite several unsuccessful attempts has resulted in increased security in the area even if this group has been underestimated. EFAFs company commander disappeared after an underestimated escort attempt in the conflict zone. ACCF has earned and made itself known for its ruthless and unconventional warfare.

No more information is available ...