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SSMG´s role is not only to provide games, finish them off and then say goodbye. At least that´s not how we see ourselves as hosts. Being a host for SSMG is a continuous process all year around.


Taking care of emails and phone calls, advertising, social media´s, taking pictures and shooting videos, video editing, contracting properties, traveling to recon new areas, talking to locals, trying to land deals, economics and budget, establishing long term relationships, buying and testing stuff, developing stuff, investing (e.g. boats and vehicles), maintenance, mission planning, game development, landing deals, future planning, self education and training to keep up with you people.

All the above mentioned is our daily agenda only for existence to even be able to pull of an event. Conducting an event when the moment of truth comes, that´s also a task alone.


So far SSMG has only catered active airsoft players. Which is correct in a sense, since that is what we are supposed to do. But, we also feel that as a host we should also be responsible for the offering of SSMG-airsoft to those that want to start with this rewarding sport from scratch. There should be a gate open for new-comers regardless and despite from us that already are in to airsoft. You should be able to enter the society of airsoft without knowing one single airsofter out there. This is where SSMG as an organizer shall step in and lend a helping hand to those who have the desire, but lack the contact network to take a step forward and join us in our fun.

Not everyone wants to take the slow route in to the hobby, by buying your first gun and your set of camo and start Sunday gaming with random people from a forum. Taking them years before they try our Mil.Sim and Mil.Ex. for a change, hopefully they´ll manage to join an SSMG event before they decide to quit. Not knowing which comes first, the quitting or the joining. Loosing good players because no one has offered them a challenge or a sense of friendship, brother/sister-hood is like cancer to the hobby.

SSMG has never accepted quitting as a solution for a problem. Mainly because we take inspiration from the strongest and the best. Also an SSMG host can never quit regardless the situation. We are always the first in and the last out. This gives us a sense of responsibility for those out there that want a solid ground for their activities with a solid host, a solid platform and with solid players under the wings of the SSMG Eagle. We should be a good platform for those that want to leap frog in to the world of Mil.Sim and Mil.Ex. and when a new person wants to join, we are the ones stretching out a helping hand to them.

For all this to be possible, we are suggesting a two or even maybe a three stage introduction/start package weekend for beginners. Meaning, one weekend for every stage. Some might call it a boot camp, but that´s not what it´s about. It´s about providing a gateway for beginners in to our world. Forming them in to the Mil.Sim:ers we want by our side in the field. Most important is that there is a live forum and a starting point for those that want to enter. Not only thinking that SSMG events or other Mil.Sim events are only for the tough and the most experienced. No, it should be for everyone. If you don´t have experience, no worries, we'll provide you with experience and give you the tools you need to start enjoying the unpredictable world of Mil.Sim and Mil.ex.


SSMG does not want, and can not be, the only influence at an early stage. All airsofters are responsible for the recruiting of new players to the hobby; if you don´t want to run out of people to play against in the future.
Our new participants shall also have the chance to meet experienced Mil.Sim. and Mil.Ex. players directly. Those players that have been in to the hobby for a long time and have been through stuff. That way a new recruit will get the best view of both worlds - the host point of view and the players point of view live on site. A co-op between SSMG and veteran players is a good formula for success for the new recruit.

We want to give you a chance to share all your expertise with the future Mil.Sim and Mil.Ex. players.

You will:
- Act as staff.
- Act as b-force in certain situations.
- Act as instructor.
- Educate and instruct in your field of experience.
- Be prepared to instruct and educate in new subjects.
- Influence, motivate and assist the recruits.
- Demonstrate stuff.
- Be inspirational and a mentor.
- Share your experiences, lead and be an inspiring role model.

SSMG has in mind about 8-10 experienced SSMG players that can join us at these events continuously.


- We book a good game area as usual.
- Set up all our tents as a main base where all beginners live.
- The 8x5m tent is to figure as classroom, show room and sensitive equipment room.
- All food is to be catered, we can not waste time on cooking meals. Therefore someone will have to be hired for this job.
- In their participant fee is included, three meals/day + fika.

Here´s a first suggested scheme for the courses. This is not final, only a start and a suggestion. We will discuss the content with our instructors. We also accept suggestions from anyone out there.

Our veteran players/instructors are offered:
- Traveling compensation, round trip. cheapest alternative.
- Free accommodations at the area.
- Free food on site.


- Basic, how to set up a military tent and a base camp and what to think about.
- Basic airsoft understanding, why and how we do it. Morals and thoughts.
- Basic orienteering (map and compass).
- Basic radio communication and rules.
- Backpack efficiency packing, dry packing etc.
- Basic field experience, marching and foot care.
- Basic fire fight training.
- Basic boat instructions. On and off shore.
- Basic pyrotechnic rules.
- Walk through of the game rules and understanding.
- Help with airsoft gun understanding and walk through.
- Team building exercises and exposure of field conflicts.
- Scenario understanding and mission build-up.
- Observation post setup.
- The importance of basic object protection and exercise.
- Demo from crew of pyro, all types demolitions etc.
- Basic recon training.
etc, etc...


- GPS, app and other useful field applications.
- Night operations and tactics.
- In and out of water tactical activities.
- Basic K9 (dog) handling.
- Advanced orienteering day and night.
- Marine, boat activities. Marine recon and basic boat handling.
- Preparing activities for the SSMG Mil.Ex. leap.
- Basic pyro handling.
- Basic SSMG weapon system training. The AT´s and the sniper systems.
- Advanced insertion and extractions.
- Group leadership training.
- Basic Survival training and 12h field survival.
- Advanced fire fights and tactics.


- Airsoft Mil.Ex. mentality, how to survive the tough - live forum.
- Scenario based activities.
- Advanced demolitions training land and water.
- Advanced boat training and underwater activities.
- Advanced marine insertions and extractions offshore pickup day and night.
- Tactical marine operations with full gear. Swimming and operating in marine environment day and night.
- Rappelling and tactics with full gear. Both regular and aussie style.
- Nightvision operations.
- Long range operations.
- Marine night operations, navigation, insertion, extraction, demolitions.
- K9 hunt and capture evasion excersize.
- 24h field survival behind enemy lines.
- Sniper tactics.
- SSMG weapon system usage and tactics. AT and sniper.
- SSMG mortar system, education and tactics.
- Parachute and diving introduction ingame - how it works.
- Platoon leadership training.
- Advanced mission planning.

These introduction courses are not to be one time events. People have to be able to sign up for these introduction courses all year around. We will run these events besides our regular event schedule. A suggestion is that they are held in June after Tango.


We all have to do something to keep our wonderful hobby alive. The more people we can convince to like the outdoors, the fresh air (except in the tents), the exercise, the excitement, the adventure, the friendship, the adrenalin rush etc, etc the better for all of us.

SSMG as a host stands for this initiative, how the rest turns out, it´s up to all of us. We´re all in the same boat.
- No SSMG, No events.
- No players, No events.

The choice is ours!
Let us know what you think.

Thank you for your time.