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New airsofter

Introduction course for Mil.Sim. - Beginners, Level 1-3

- Basic, how to set up a military tent, a base camp and what to think about.
- Basic airsoft understanding, why and how we do it. Morals and thoughts.
- Basic orienteering (map and compass).
- Basic radio communication and rules.
- Backpack efficiency packing, dry packing etc.
- Basic field experience, marching and foot care.
- Basic fire fight training.
- Basic boat instructions. On and off shore.
- Basic pyrotechnic rules.
- Walk through of the game rules and understanding.
- Help with airsoft gun understanding and walk through.
- Team building exercises and exposure of field conflicts.
- Scenario understanding and mission build-up.
- Observation post setup.
- The importance of basic object protection and exercise.
- Demo from crew of pyro, all types demolitions etc.
- Basic recon training.

We´ll launch a course when we have a minimum of 6 participants.

Price: €250 pp